Introducing Free to be Kids MB!

It's been more than a year since a Child and Family Services worker told Katharina Nuss that her children required constant adult supervision until they were 12 years old.

Since then, her petition for a "free range kids law" in Manitoba has collected nearly 9000 signatures in support, she has met with government officials, and the Department of Families has assured her that it is not a legal requirement for children to be directly supervised until 12. However, this perception remains widespread, with many still making choices based on fear of investigation and stigma around their parenting practices. It is clear that the law and its enforcement need to be clarified, and that Manitoba families need to feel more confident in their decision to allow healthy independence when their children are ready.


What is Free to be Kids Manitoba?

Free to Be Kids is an initiative that grew out of Katharina’s encounter with a Child and Family Services intake worker that left her incredulous and concerned about our children’s development and the opportunity they are missing out on because of a culture that increasingly expects parents to hover over their children.

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"Access to active play in nature and outdoors-with its risks-is essential for healthy child development. We recommend increasing children's opportunities for self-directed play outdoors in all settings-at home, at school, in child care, the community and nature."

Council of Chief Medical Officers of Health of Canada / Read Full statement